West Bay Discovery Centre, West Bay, Bridport, DT6 4EN.

September 2017 Update

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If you have been recently enjoying the sea air, fish and chips or ice-creams down at West Bay you may have noticed that things are happening at West Bay Discovery Centre.


We have started some preliminary building work in order to prepare the interior of the building for refurbishment. We hope to carry out most of the work over the winter period. Alongside this we are using the consultation carried out during the summer to help shape our ideas for the stories and information that will feature in the design for the interior. As in any refurbishment it always looks worse before it gets better, at the moment it looks rather sad and forlorn.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation process we held in the summer along with Dorset Coast Forum. The results are summarised in the chart below.

It is a challenge covering everything we would like to in a small space, but we are now focusing our efforts on developing all the subjects that were popular and exploring how they can be presented in a harmonious way.

Its been a productive summer we’ve met many people who’ve shared their stories and information with us, which could well risk being forgotten. West Bay has so much to offer. We have also been surveying local wildlife, for example, in a small area adjacent to the disused limekiln we found over twenty varieties of plant.

We will keep you informed on here about how the project progresses, especially now things are gaining momentum. If you are interested in getting involved, perhaps as a voluntary steward when the Centre is open, please do get in touch. Our email address is : info@westbaydiscoverycentre.org.uk.


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