West Bay Discovery Centre, West Bay, Bridport, DT6 4EN.

What to look for in July in West Bay

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What wildlife will you discover this month in West Bay? Look closely there is always something to see!

You may still be lucky to see a foxglove still in flower. Did you know it takes 1,100 bees to make 1kg of honey!
We are trying to create a wildflower area outside West Bay Discovery Centre. We were delighted by the appearance of this red poppy.
Have you noticed the Sea Mayweed growing outside West Bay Discovery Centre?
Lady’s bedstraw, it’s leaves smell of new-mown hay and were used in the past to stuff mattresses to aid a good night’s sleep!
Sea carrot
A very relaxed rabbit enjoying the sunshine and the peace and quiet.
Swollen thighed beetle (Oedemera nobilis) on a Hairy Hawkweed.
Buddleia is always so popular with the butterflies so look closely at their flowers.
Painted Lady Butterfly and red campion flowers
A beautiful selection of wild grasses.
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