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Taking a bus in 1923

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Another Story that has been given to us by one of our visitors involves a greyhound and a bus

The journey from Ilford took four days which included changing buses at various locations. It was reported that Champion Firewater ran behind various buses for most of the way apart from during very rough weather. It is probably not surprising to see that the only photograph of the greyhound taken from inside the bus was when they were travelling to West Bay!

When Miss White reached Land ‘s End she was handed a telegram which was the first in the country to have been sent to a public conveyance. Whether the journey had been too much for Miss White and her dog we will never know! We were quite disappointed to read that her return journey home was by means of a Rolls Royce which only took 13 ½ hours. The same journey today should take 6 hours.

Thank you, Norman for sharing this with us. We are always interested to see old photographs or stories of West Bay which we can share with our visitors and supporters, particularly if there is an interesting tale behind them. If you are sorting out old photographs during lockdown (or any other time) and find anything suitable that you are willing for us to copy and share please contact us!


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