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“A day trip to Lunnon city”

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We have uncovered lots of stories about the Bridport- Maiden Newton Railway line that shows how much our experiences of life had broadened in the intervening years. We are going to share a few with you over the next few weeks. If you have any stories we would also love to hear them!

We start with a day trip to London…

Many years ago, an old couple living in Bridport decided to see London. Thoughtfully they packed a huge basket with provisions in case they couldn’t get any food in ‘Lunnon’ and went by an excursion train which left on midnight on Friday and returned at midnight on Saturday.

A day trip to London by GWR train in 1900's
The Great Western Railway Terminus, at Paddington. London. Designed by I. K. Brunel and M. D. Wyatt. Source: The Illustrated London News (8 July 1854): 14.

They reached Paddington at 6 am but were so alarmed at the cabs etc. that they beat a retreat to the waiting room and remained there until the evening train left for Bridport. The old man and his wife thoroughly enjoyed their day and often talked of the time “Missus and I went to Lunnon city.”


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