West Bay Discovery Centre, West Bay, Bridport, DT6 4EN.

Summer volunteering opportunities

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West Bay Discovery Centre is nearly a year old and with the holiday season upon us, we are getting busier by the week. Since opening on 1st August last year, we have welcomed nearly 17,500 visitors, which is amazing. The comments in the visitor book are brilliant and we’ve had some lovely Trip Advisor posts … so, where better to spend a couple of hours a week and meet some lovely people?

August is going to be our busiest month yet with lots of things planned for kids and grown ups. Unfortunately, our dedicated team of volunteers do like to go on holiday (strange, but true), so now is a good time to try out volunteering at the Discovery Centre for the month of August.

A shift of stewarding a week can be in the morning or the afternoon. You’ll never be alone, there’s always another volunteer to keep you company, and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your volunteer experience… plus, of course, our visitors are usually cheerful (they’re in West Bay, so it makes sense!)

You don’t have to know everything about West Bay to help us out in August … there’s lots of information that you’ll pick up as you go along, and there’s always someone to point you in the right direction. If you love West Bay like we do, that helps!
If you’re interested in giving us a test run then please contact us o 01308 427288, or message us through Facebook.


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