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World Oceans Day 2020

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World Oceans Day was celebrated on 8th June 2020. This year the theme is Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean. Please help protect our oceans from severe pollution. Plastic poses one of the biggest challenges to our oceans, more than half of the plastic ever produced has been manufactured in the last 15 years. 91% of this has never been recycled. Regrettably, a huge amount of waste plastic finds its way into the world’s oceans, much of this originates from disposable consumer packaging made by large international corporations.

We are currently planning our next Exhibition called “Turning the Tide”, which will examine these issues and the part that each of us, as individuals and companies can do. We are also working with the West Bay Beach Cleaning Group, Litter Free Coast & Sea, Five Things Clear and Clean Jurassic Coast to clean our beaches and encourage our visitors to just leave their footprints in the sand, after visiting our amazing coastline.


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