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Story of Love for Valentines Day

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Of all the buildings in West Bay, Pier Terrace evokes the most interest from visitors to the Centre. They are lots of stories we could tell you about the building but as it is Valentines Day we are going to concentrate on a romantic one!

Pier Terrace, West Bay

Pier Terrace was built in 1884-85 and it was designed by one of the leading Arts and Craft Architects of the time Edward Shroeder Prior. While he was working on the project in Bridport he went to a dance and met Louisa Maunsell, who was the daughter of the Rector of Symondsbury. Louisa attended the Bridport School of Art and was accomplished at sketching and playing the harmonium in her father’s church.

They fell in love and when they became engaged Edward designed a necklace for Louisa in the Arts and Crafts Style that was made of a single piece of West Bay shingle hung on a gold chain. It was the only piece of jewellery he ever designed. What a lovely way to mark their engagement. After all if Edward hadn’t been designing Pier Terrace they may have never met!

They married in 1885, were married for 47 years and had two daughters.

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