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The Very Hungry Shark in Lyme Bay

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As part of our Turning the Tide Exhibition we have a section aimed at children. Many of them have told us that they have been covering the plastics issue at school. Based on the story of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle who died recently and the age of 91 we created this story…

One day a shark appeared in Lyme Bay looking for food.

  • On Monday she ate a plastic ball, but she was still hungry.
  • On Tuesday she ate a toothbrush head and a coffee cup, but she was still hungry.
  • On Wednesday she ate 3 bottles, but she was still hungry.
  • On Thursday she ate 4 bottle tops, but she was still hungry.
  • On Friday she ate 2 crisp packets and a MM packet, but she was still hungry.
  • On Saturday she ate 7 pieces of rope and that evening she felt extremely ill.
  • On Sunday she ate ……………

How do you think this story should end? Will it have a happy or sad ending? You finish the story.

Look in our shark’s mouth, all these items were picked up from West Bay beaches during the Winter of 2020.

Sadly most of the children have chosen to give our story a sad ending, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the shark no longer found any plastic in our seas, what can you do to help achieve this goal?


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