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West Bay Jigsaw Puzzles

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Did you know that it is believed that the first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1760 by an Englishman called John Spilsbury? He mounted a map of England on a thin sheet of mahogany and cut around the county boundaries. These puzzles were initially used as educational tools to teach geography but as their popularity spread so did the number of manufacturers and images.


Jigsaw puzzles were relatively simple until cardboard puzzles were produced by die-cutting in the early twentieth century giving a more precise edge and allowing a greater number of pieces. Jigsaw puzzles had their heyday in the 1930s. They provided hours of entertainment at a low cost, could be handed on to family and friends and helped to reduce stress. It is no wonder that they have become popular again during lockdown. Technology has allowed us to produce our own on-line jigsaw puzzles, we hope you will enjoy them. Please note that you can make it as simple or complicated by selecting the number of pieces to use.

JIGSAW 1 – East Beach after clicking this link click the box square as shown below to change the puzzle size and then click a number to start the puzzle.

You can also have a picture showing on the screen by clicking on the picture icon in the middle of the screen.
Image showing how to complete a Jigsaw puzzle of West Bay
Example of East Beach’s on-line jigsaw puzzle in the process of being completed.
East Beach, West Bay, Dorset

JIGSAW 2 – Pirate ship

Example of our Pirate ship’s on-line jigsaw puzzle in the process of being completed.

JIGSAW 3 – West Bay Discovery Centre

West Bay Discovery Centre on-line jigsaw puzzle

Thank you for visiting us, hope you have fun completing the puzzles!


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