West Bay is an undiscovered treasure, it lacks dedicated interpretation facilities or a visitor centre. Many visitors only discover a small part of all there is. We want to grow people’s appreciation of West Bay and the Jurassic Coast using the unique stories that tell it’s history, hidden heritage and natural environment. Our aim is that our visitors will reflect, return and reconnect with us, again and again. Thanks to the Coastal Community Fund we now have funding to create a Centre that West Bay will be proud of.

The former West Bay Methodist Chapel, dating from 1849 is a building with an atmosphere of peace and reflection. We will retain the spirit of the building, while using the space to bring to life the story of West Bay. We will provide interactive experiences for all ages, enabling people to learn about West Bay in a fun way. We’ll send visitors out to explore and discover the surrounding built and natural environment. Challenging them to make their own discoveries and bring them back to the Centre to learn more. Our future plans include guided walks, and trails, treasure hunts and challenges.


The Discovery Centre will  also be a hub for information, knowledge and exploratory learning. It will act as a classroom base for local schools, youth groups and visiting university students.  We will use the Centre flexibly to accommodate changing information and “pop up exhibitions.”The funding for the running costs will come from donations and fundraising. Please contact us if you can help us by becoming a volunteer or donor. Thank you.